Skaneateles school superintendent says drinking water is safe

Toxic blue-green algae found in the water of Skaneateles Lake 

The drinking water in Skaneateles' schools is safe, according to a statement sent out to parents and community members of the Skaneateles school district from Superintendent Ken Slentz.

This comes after Skaneateles Schools announced on its Facebook page Wednesday that it was shutting down drinking fountains in order for the Department of Health to conduct tests for toxins from blue-green algae, which have appeared in Skaneateles Lake. The lake provides water to the school district, along with several other municipalities, including Syracuse, in Central New York.

"The point at which the reported 0.25 parts per billion (ppb) of microcystin registered, was not found on the line that leads to the district and was located BEFORE the water had reached the ultraviolet and chlorination treatment system that the village uses. Water at all taps is coming back as 'non-detect', which means the concentration is too low to register," Slentz said in the statement.

The village will be conducting daily water tests and sharing the results with the community, according to Slentz.

Slentz says if future testing levels come back near or at the 0.30 ppb, Skaneateles schools is prepared to immediately return to bottled water.

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