Slow start to snowmobile season in CNY


No snow for Bibbens Sales & Service means...

"Phones have been slow, everything else has kinda slowed down a little bit," said sales manager Jeff Bibbens.

His wife and sales manager Lauren Bibbens agrees, but is hopeful. "We're pretty optimistic the next couple of weeks we'll see some more action."

The third generation family business specializes in snowmobiles or sleds, and although they're not seeing as much foot traffic as they'd like, the shop is staying busy.

"We had over 50 sleds in to be serviced to get ready for the preseason to be ready to ride this year," said Jeff Bibbens. "The slow down down allowed us to catch up in that aspect and we're ready for the next blast of winter."

The bright side? Other products are starting to sell with the more mild temperatures.

"ATV's have started to pick up with the warmer weather that's come upon us so it's been a blessing. If we're not selling sleds, we're still selling product."

Across the street from Bibbens Sales & Service, the Weedsport Winter Wanderers Snowmobile Club is feeling the snow blues. Its members haven't been able to hit the trails once.

"It's sort of a lull, quiet time for us as a club right now," said Weedsport Winter Wanderers President Chris Lukins. "Us as members and anyone who owns a snowmobile, we all have that itch to be riding."

The 78 miles of trails throughout Cayuga and Onondaga Counties are maintained by clubs across Central New York.

"A lot of time and effort goes into volunteering for the snowmobile club and we'd like to see our hard work pay off and get people out to enjoy it."

Right now, Lukins and his club are hoping for a quick turnaround.

"There's some snow in the forecast but what's going to happen with that is the ground's not froze so pretty awful conditions out there riding and the snow's going to turn to mud."

Ideally clubs like to see at least six inches of snow to ride on and frozen ground, so here's to hoping this week's snow sticks!

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