Tight knit community of Whitesboro mourns the loss of Officer Crossley

Jade Foley said hopes Crossley's fellow officers know the community is standing with them.

A community is mourning the loss of fallen Officer Kevin Crossley Thursday.

After what state police are calling a tragic accident, the small Village of Whitesboro is devastated to learn that Officer Crossley is gone.

Crossley was one of ten officers working at the department. He was a seven-year veteran on the force who just wanted to protect and serve his hometown community.

CNYCentral met with Jade Foley inside 69 Steakhouse after seeing a tribute sign outside.

“Disbelief. I mean this isn't something that happens around here, you know it’s, we're a small tight-knit community that things like this just don't happen to people you know,” Foley said.

Foley said he was quiet but kind. He would crack jokes and was always in on a Sunday for chicken wings with his motorcycle group.

“When we first opened back in the day we would have bands and Kevin would come down, and he was a regular and you knew what he drank when he came in,” Foley said.

She said things haven’t really sunk in yet, but she hopes his fellow officers know this community is standing with them.

That’s why she decided to put the sign up.

“For him, for the Whitesboro Police Department,” said Foley. “They help us, we help them, and we are just so very sorry.”

She said it’s surreal that he won’t ever walk through the doors of her restaurant or around this community again.

“Now, not seeing him, it's just going to be, be sad,” Foley said.

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