Sodus woman's murder impacting immigrant community

Sodus woman's murder impacting immigrant community

After further investigation into the suspect in Selena Hidalgo Calderon's murder, Alberto Reyes, ICE released a statement Saturday saying the Mexican immigrant had been deported twice in two years.

"Is it possible to get back into the country after having been deported? Yes. Is it likely? No," immigration attorney Herve Comeau said.

"The narrative that undocumented folks come back into the country and commit crimes is wrong," he added.

Comeau says news like this is a hard pill to swallow for other immigrants, a community of laborers who feel this violent behavior isn't the norm, but the exception.

"I'm scared of the consequences. I'm scared of the atmosphere of xenophobia and everyone else being targeted for the mistake of an individual," Comeau said.

Selena Hidalgo Calderon was a farmer at Williams Farms. An area neighbors say thrived in part because of hard-working immigrants like her.

"They're normally very gracious, loving, people. But, like anyone, you know, doesn't matter race, creed, anything, there's always bad and good," farmer and neighbor Nicholas Boise said.

Comeau says that had Selena not been afraid to report her abuser to authorities because of her status, she might still be alive.

"I think that when you make people really scared, people are less likely to call the police when they're in danger," he explained.

Comeau thinks it's time to shift the attention from immigration laws dividing the country to helping a family cope with the loss of loved ones.

"I would say to the victim's family that we, as a community is with you, and we care about you, and to let us know anything you need," he said.

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