SPBA president asking Syracuse superintendent to remove all officers from schools

The Police Officers Union said it wants all officers out of city school buildings. (CNY Central)

In a stunning move bound to provoke a response from Syracuse schools and Mayor Ben Walsh, the Police Officers Union said it wants all officers out of city school buildings.

It follows an incident in which an officer was cleared of using excessive force against a Nottingham High School student accused of trespassing.

The police union is outraged that officer has been reassigned out of Nottingham saying the superintendent caved to outside pressure.

Union president Jeff Piedmonte called for officers to be removed from the Syracuse City School District.

"We're extremely frustrated with the actions the superintendent took,” Piedmonte said.

Piedmonte tells CNY Central the superintendent did not respect the officer when he removed him from the school, despite the officer's actions being cleared by the district attorney.

“I think that he should have stuck up for the officer. If they are not going to stick up for the officer I think the officers should be out of the school and to be not put in that position," Piedmonte said.

At a school board meeting on Thursday, CNY Central informed the board president, Derrick Dorsey about the union’s request to have officers removed from Syracuse school buildings.

Until we have had an actual conversation with the superintendent and also Mike Hennessy we're going to not comment at this time on that matter,” Dorsey said.

Piedmonte believes when police officers are within these schools they act more like administrators rather than police officers.

“But I think we can use the administrators you know to tell the kid oh you have to go down to the office that’s not a police function,” Piedmonte said.

Piedmonte believes the district has not fairly treated Officer Vallon Smith.

"He did what he was supposed to do he used the appropriate force actually less force than he could have used and now he’s being punished for it,” Piedmonte said.

CNYCentral reached out to the superintendent who declined to comment or interview at this time.

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