St. Joseph Hospital is on the front lines of battling flu season


The flu is off to a fast and deadly season nationwide. There have been no deaths in Central New York, but we've seen a significant number of cases. Inside the emergency room at St. Joseph's Hospital, Max Berube is on the front lines of fighting the flu.

Vaccines are one of the best medical advances we've had over the past few decades and one of the most effective we have against the flu," Berube said.

Dr. Berube says every healthcare worker at St. Joe's is required to get the flu shot to lower their risk of catching the virus and protect the patients coming in. If workers don't get the vaccine, they have to wear face masks.

"The risk as a health care workers of contracting any kind of contagious illness is always present," Berube said.

It is recommended that any child over six-months-old should get the flu shot. Dr. Berube makes sure his own family gets the shot early, every October or November.

"My family has it, my two kids had it they've had it every year since they were six-months-old, which is what the recommendation is and we get our flu shots every year," Berube said.

The flu is already a big concern this year, but he says it is not too late to get the shot. It is never too late to prepare and protect yourself.

"Until we see a significant decease, we can't say the peak has happened so I recommend everybody that has not had a flu shot yet go get one if they're feeling healthy today," Berube said.

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