State budget proposal seeks to cut AIM funding for CNY villages

State budget proposal seeks to cut AIM funding for CNY villages

State funding that towns and villages depend on may get slashed as part of Governor Andrew Cuomo's state budget proposal.

This proposal worries mayors across Central New York including the village of Solvay.

If the governor’s cuts stay in the 2019 budget, Solvay could lose about $173,000.

"The most of any village in Onondaga County,” Mayor Derek Baichi said.

The village of Solvay’s general fund is $6,000,000 which the cut represents 3% of that money used to pay for paving sidewalks, fixing streets, buildings and even improving parks.

“I'm hurt, I'm upset. I feel a little bit betrayed. The governor was here over the state fair opening up the new expo center saying Central New York is a priority what happened now, Solvay is Central New York,” Mayor Baichi said.

If this cut passes in Albany Mayor Baichi said he is left with two choices for the village.

Those two choices include pulling from reserve funds if the village board approves it or cut from the budget.

Mayor Baichi said he does not want to raise taxes for residents in the village of Solvay.

"I will do everything in my power not to cut any services. I'm giving everyone my word If it means we have to draw upon reserves I will do that because after all, that is what a rainy-day fund is for,” Mayor Baichi said.

Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon explained that without this funding, the governor and state are basically raising property taxes in these small communities throughout Central New York.

“Cutting AIM aid will just force municipalities to raise taxes not cut taxes,” McMahon said.

In Onondaga County, the governor’s proposal impacts fifteen villages.

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