State facility offers law enforcement and first responders unique active shooter training


Law enforcement and first responders put their active shooter training to the test as a "Rescue Task Force" at the New York State Preparedness Training Center in Oriskany.

Officers responded to simulated scenarios with explosives and active gunmen inside a training facility built to resemble a real city block.

Assistant Director of the facility Bob Stallman says this type of training has evolved over the years, and events like the Las Vegas massacre reinforce its importance.

"Every event that happens gives us more information that we use to change and morph this training so it's relevant for today," Stallman said.

The facility has mock buildings, businesses, and streets, as well as role players acting as victims and criminals.

"It has anything that would be in a city block of 'Anytown, USA'," Stallman said.

When gunfire rings out, Stallman says effective communication between law enforcement and medical first responders can save lives.

"It's extremely crucial that law enforcement and EMS work together in these situations because every second counts," Stallman said.

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