State fair attendance up despite soggy start

Despite the soggy start, fair attendance is up.


ou would you think that some rain and thunderstorms would scare people from coming out to the NYS Fair. S

we hit the midway to talk to some fairgoers to find out just how dedicated they actually are to all that the fair has to offer.

"It's one of my favorite parts of the summer," says
Emmalyn Eruysal.

David Troch, the manager of tootsies fried dough has been working the fair for 22 years.

He says while you can't predict what mother nature throws at us
, the storms yesterday morning put a damper on his sales. But, once there was a break in the storms, he noticed a quick turnaround.


So, it started picking up for dinner time. We had a decent night. Nothing overly because of the weather," says David Troch.

, no matter if you attend the fair all twelve days or just grab a day pass
, those who come say they'll make the best of whatever weather they get.


I really personally don't like water, but I would put up with it because this is only like a twelve day thing," says Kecia Sawyer.

, would some rain and thunderstorms scare fairgoers away? Well, despite the showers yesterday and the soggy future forecast today, people were in full swing up and down the midway. And, we've got the numbers to prove it.


The mood was good. And, I think that actually showed in our attendance numbers yesterday. Despite all the rain and the challenges we had yesterday, we're still up 4200 people," says Troy Woffner, New York State Fair Acting Director.


The weather is not going to stop me from having a good time. We brought our umbrellas and there are several different buildings to walk through and so many exhibits to see and shows and demos. So, the weather would never deter me," says Eruysal.

, the overall consensus is
a little rain never hurt anyone
at least when you're talking to these dedicated

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