State Fair promises 25 cent milk will return

fair milk.png

SYRACUSE -- The New York State Fair says one of its most popular attractions will be back for summer 2017.

The future of the 25 cent milk bar seemed in question Tuesday evening, after the group that has run it for decades said it was pulling out.

"The state will continue to honor the long-standing tradition of 25 cents a cup for milk at the Great New York State Fair. This action highlights the commitment by the state to ensure that fair-goers enjoy all that the newly-renovated Fair has to offer," said Fair spokesman Dave Bullard.

Earlier, a report surfaced indicating the nonprofit that runs the milk bar was not going to participate this summer because of a funding dispute with New York State.

Last year, the group indicated it would raise the price of a glass of milk, but state officials stepped in to offer subsidies to keep the price at 25 cents.

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