Staying active in a healthy way

The white house physician declared the president healthy, but he suggested that he would like to see him lose ten to fifteen pounds. It's the same advice a lot of doctors give patients. The owner of Metro Fitness in downtown Syracuse, Randy Sabourin, says there are several ways to lose weight in a healthy way.

"It takes time, commitment, sacrifice, and dedication. A lot of reasons why people give up," Sabourin said.

He also added that being accountable and consistent is the best way to lose weight.

"Just let the process happen by being consistent in going to your health club, working with a trainer or friends, control your intake, and create a balance with your nutrition strategy," Sabourin said.

He said nutrition is a critical part in the process. People can lose weight in other ways than just joining a gym. Being active can come in all forms, just have to find what works best.

Ray Cudney is a member at Metro Fitness and has made working out a weekly routine.

"Staying active is being healthy," Cudney said.

He says it helps him feel more fit and helps improve all aspects of his life.

"It's a lifestyle. I feel better, I sleep better, and I'm athletic I think," Cudney said.

Randy says he wants everyone who comes to his gym to know they are not alone when it comes to wanting a more healthy lifestyle and that there are ways to achieve those goals.

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