Stranger boards West Genesee school bus, district eyes new staff training

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    A West Genesee bus driver headed to Camillus Middle School on Thursday morning was confronted with a situation that now has the district considering retraining drivers and transportation staff.

    In a letter to parents, Interim Superintendent Michael Schiedo wrote, “A male individual requested to board the bus at a regular bus stop indicating he was a new student and that he wanted to register to finish school. The bus driver contacted the transportation department to request direction. A decision was made to allow the person to board the bus.”

    The Interim Superintendent says no students were harmed during the situation.

    The bus was met in the Middle School parking lot by Camillus Police. The district did not provide any further description of the person who was allowed to board the bus. Camillus Police Chief Thomas Winn says the man is 21 years old and his department is treating this as a mental health matter - making sure the man gets an evaluation and any level of professional help he may require.

    The district says its bus drivers recently received training from Armoured One, which trains districts on matters of safety and security. After this incident, the district may take new measures.

    “We are reviewing policies and procedures to consider retraining our drivers and transportation staff as necessary. We are taking this situation very seriously, and we are handling it internally as needed,” Schiedo wrote to parents.

    The Interim Superintendent promised to put all necessary measures in place to ensure this does not happen again.

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