Strong wind causes some damage across region

Wind damage across central New York

Some of the strong wind that came across the region Monday night and Tuesday afternoon made itself known on a home in the town of Spafford, near Otisco Lake.

The wind caused the trees to crack and blow over, and took down a power line to the house.

In the process, the power line ripped off the siding about three feet above the garage.

The Weidner family said they've never heard such strong wind through the night and they've lived here for more than 40 years. They discovered the downed trees and a three-foot hole in the siding this morning. They were without power for around four hours.

"Usually any wind that we get is usually associated with thunderstorms in summer time," said Joe Weidner. "We will occasionally get a winter storm with some blowing snow but like I say I don’t ever remember the wind howling or making as much noice as it did last night."

Thankfully, a neighbor was able to come over and patch up the hole above the garage Tuesday afternoon. Weidner said he and his son will likely remove the trees from the yard themselves.

It's something they're used to — living on a wooded lot.

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