Strong wind knocks tree down onto car in Salina

tree and car.png

Neighbors said it is usually windy in this part of Salina near Onondaga Lake.

However on Friday, the strong winds were enough to bring down a massive tree in a backyard.

The wind uprooted the tree and crushed a picnic table and a part of a fence.

The top of the tree fell into the neighbor's driveway and hit the car parked there.

It came frighteningly close to crushing the house.

The trees owner, Saher Assam, said she already had four trees cut down on her property when she moved in a few years ago.

This was the last tree on the property and she was confident this one would not fall because it seemed sturdy and has been through strong wind before.

She said she got the call at work and rushed home to see what had happened.

"If anybody was home and they got hurt. That was my immediate thought. I could not imagine anybody getting hurt," said Saher Assam.

The wind is also causing problems for neighbors in East Syracuse.

National Grid said a tree knocked over by the wind was leaning on power cables and laying on top of a house.

Officials said they are lucky it did not pull the power poles down from across the street.

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