Strong winds knock over apple trees at Abbott Farms


Sunday night storms that crossed central New York claimed at least 75 apple trees at Abbott Farms in Baldwinsville.

Production Manager Mike Blair said the farm was coming off a busy weekend, and he was disappointed to see the damage when he got into work Monday morning.

"Something like this has never happened on our farm before, at least not to this scale," Blair said.

The trees were planted at least five years ago and were set to open to the public for picking on Monday. Blair says they'll salvage all of the apples that haven't touched the ground, but the trees are a loss.

They will replant the row of trees, but it'll take years before the branches are filled with apples again.

"It's all part of the nature of farming. It's the job that we chose to do and we'll just start over," Blair said.

Abbott Farms is still open with acres of apple trees intact.

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