Students, parents protest outside Henninger High School after bed bug incidents

Students, parents protest outside Henninger High School after bed bug incidents

Dozens of students and parents gathered outside Henninger High School Thursday morning to voice concerns over an ongoing bed bug issue.

One of the parents told us they're upset the bed bug issue, which was first discovered last week, is still not resolved. She said she feels the problem should have been solved quicker and students should not be attending the school until officials know for sure the bed bugs are gone.

"My son has to go home and strip on my porch from his clothes before he can go in my house, cause I'm paranoid," explained parent Shawana Thompson.

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School officials said Wednesday the school is implementing new measures in an attempt to eradicate the problem. This weekend, the district will apply what it calls a safe, organic treatment to kill off living bugs and their eggs.

Henninger is asking students not to bring backpacks or bags into the school - because they can transport the bugs. The high school is also asking students to take any clothing in their lockers home for the weekend.

Students say they don't feel safe being at school until all the bugs and eggs are gone for good.

"What if they get like, we get bed bugs and we bring them home, and I have younger siblings and what if they bring like they go to school and that school has bed bugs...and my home has bed bugs now," questioned Savanha Lambertson.

These steps are in addition to disinfecting and cleaning of rooms where the bugs were found. Adjacent areas were also cleaned and disinfected, school officials said.

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