Students react after concert jumping shakes entire building at Ithaca College

Photo courtesy of Matt Maloney

An Ithaca College Public Safety officer had to step in on Saturday after more than 500 students packed Emerson Suites for a concert and danced so hard, the floor cracked and the ceiling below shook.

Junior Matt Maloney was there.

"I'm not surprised really that there was a big concentration of people right there. The police officers that were there told everyone you know, 'hey you guys have to stop jumping you're gonna go through the floor' and I heard some people be like 'who cares, we're having a good time," said Maloney.

"It was this window here that was bouncing a lot," said sophomore Jordan Stecker, who was studying below Emerson Suites during the concert.

"I see like, the ceiling is literally shaking and like the windows are bouncing a little bit, it was a little nerve-wracking," said Stecker.

Many students we spoke say they'd like to see a concert like that at the Athletics and Events center, built in 2011 to hold major sporting and campus-wide events.

Cameron Coughlin works for the group who puts on events like this one.

"Seeing how much people like J.I.D and how much dancing there was, we'll definitely look at A&E for next year if we have an artist of similar type or like, of similar hype," said Coughlin.

Creating moments of panic for people like Jordan Stecker.

"It's a little scary. I know personally if I were to tell my mom that is the ceiling was shaking she would be a little uneasy," said Stecker, "but I think that Ithaca College knows what they're doing in the fact that they opened the building."

A member from the Ithaca College Bureau of Concerts says they sold over 800 tickets, but that still did not put Emerson Suites at Capacity Saturday night. Ithaca College says they're going to really take a look at what kind of events they hold in that space especially if there's so much dancing.

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