Students reporting threats is crucial for school leaders

A Ray Middle School student reported that another student had a B.B. Gun on the bus Wednesday morning.

A Ray Middle School student is being praised tonight for alerting school leaders about another student bringing a B.B. Gun onto a bus.

Superintendent Matthew McDonald said not only was this brave, but it allowed school officials to get the situation under control and take the B.B. Gun away in a matter of minutes.

"Cause if it weren't for the kids, we wouldn't know, and who knows what could happen," McDonald said.

McDonald said students are key in situations like this one.

He said it's the trusting environment the staff creates that make students comfortable enough to speak up.

"They're great teachers, great educators, but at the same time, they build relationships. And when you build relationships and trust, kids will come to you and talk to you. So, without that, kids would never come and report things," McDonald said.

Onondaga Sheriff's Deputy Michael Nord is a school resource officer. He says he knows it can seem intimidating to talk to someone in uniform, especially as a young student.

"They are our eyes and ears of what's going on inside the buildings, and the information that they give us is absolutely critical to the safety and security of the buildings," Nord said. "No matter how small the information might seem, it could end up being something extremely large."

But both officials said whatever you do, don't let it go.

"Tell someone, you know, report it. Even if it's nothing or you're not sure, better safe than sorry. We take every, you know, we'll treat everything the same cause you never know. Today, it's a different world we live in," McDonald said.

McDonald said he hopes that all students know their voice matters-even more than they might think.

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