Syracuse University quickly alerted students after receiving bomb threat emails

University officials called the threats a "fraudulent email scam"

Today bomb threat emails were sent all over the country putting police in twenty-one states on alert.

In the threats the messages seemed to be the same saying, "I want to propose you a bargain. You pay me 20,000 in Bitcoin and explosive will not detonate, but don't try to fool me."

"It's pretty scary to hear that a lot of people are getting these bomb threat emails especially at a university," Chelsea Anilonis said.

Chelsea Anilonis said Syracuse University sent students and faculty emails warning them about the situation.

Syracuse Police Department said investigators had nine separate reports of threatening emails. They were sent to businesses and schools, but the department wouldn't name them.

SU's Department of Public Safety posted to their Facebook page after receiving the emails calling them, "A fradulent email scam." They also reiterated to students and staff that there was no threat.

Students on campus said this isn't the first time the university has received emails like this.

"We had one last year where some sort of thing happened like that and I trust the people who run the school that they do a good job to figure it out," William Mirabile said.

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