SU students set up informational tent to spread the word about mumps

BUMP THE MUMPS_frame_20.png

The mumps outbreak continues on the Syracuse University campus.

According the Onondaga Health Department , there are now 42 confirmed cases and 80 probable cases and the school is trying to prevent the spreading with booster shots.

A couple of students worried there was a lack of awareness about mumps on campus.

After brainstorming about what they could do, they decided to pop up an informational tent in the middle of campus.

To help stop the spread, SU students organized an awareness campaign with health professional on hand to answer any questions.

They said there is a lot of confusion about the mumps on campus and they hope to clear it up.

"The concern comes from the unknown and that's really why we're doing this. We want to put health services individuals in front of the students and give them all the information they need to be really good advocates for their health," Julia Haber, one of the student organizers, said.

Students who attended the event said it is helpful. Before now, many of them had never given mumps much thought.

Students left the tent with what to do and what not to do when it comes to the disease and are asked to sign a pledge to do what they can to keep it from spreading.

Syracuse University officials also have said they have spent a lot of time and effort trying to educate students about mumps and stopping its spread.

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