SUNY ESF expert gives tips as tick season begins

Ticks Photo Kaldari Wikipedia.jpg

As the weather warms up, many people across central New York may already be seeing ticks.

Deer ticks and the threat of Lyme Disease are once again a big concern for Onondaga County.

A recent plan released by Gov. Andrew Cuomo mentions using an eco-friendly tick control treatment and tickicide.

Local tick expert Brian Leydet, from SUNY ESF, said those are great ways to prevent tick-borne diseases from spreading and they are both safe for the environment, as well as humans and animals.

"It's definitely better to go for the more natural than synthetic compounds. However, synthetic compounds work really well but they do that because they're very harsh and that's because they work too well. They can harm other organisms other systems," Leydet said.

There is some concern about the use of repellent with Deet. Leydet said it is safe in moderation. Use it appropriately when you are in the woods or near a creek like this one.

"So we often spray our yards and say 'ok we are done.' It’s not a silver bullet," Leydet said. "You need to spray your yard, you need to use deet, you need to do tick checks. It’s integrating and using all these approaches."

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