SUNY Oswego showing support for Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant workers

Fitzpatrick/ Entergy

Since news broke last month of Entergy's plans to close the Fitzpatrick nuclear plant, many questions have been swirling around Oswego county, including what will happen to its 600 workers?

Now, SUNY Oswego is stepping in to help those workers take their next steps forward.

"We are embedded in this community, we're not just sitting in our campus in Oswego," says Pamela Caraccioli, SUNY Oswego, Deputy to President.

The university works very closely with Oswego County as well as staffs the Oswego County Workforce Development Board; which means if 600 jobs go under due to the Fitzpatrick Nuclear power plant shutdown, SUNY Oswego says they're more than ready to assist.

"If something like this were to in fact happen, it would be an executive order that would need to be issued for our Rapid Response Program to be put into place, but at that point, we would be a genuine partner on the table and working with dislocated workers to try to figure out where their skills are at and where can we genuinely step in and help out," says Caraccioli.

Providing workshops on resume writing and interviewing skills and offering courses to train or re-train; those are just a few things the university is prepared to offer.

"Again, we're trying to be as optimistic as possible and we're hoping that 600 jobs aren't going to be lost," says Caraccioli.

If the Rapid Response Program is activated, the state will offer early job replacement help before the workers are laid off, so they aren't without work at any time.

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