Superintendent: School vehicle driver had concealed handgun, didn't know it was illegal

Onondaga County

A school bus driver at the LaFayette Central School District is under investigation after the driver had a gun on school property, the district announced Wednesday.

According to a statement by Superintendent Jeremy Belfield, the driver was transporting a student to a school program in a school vehicle on Wednesday, and the student noticed that the driver had a concealed handgun. The student was the only passenger on-board at the time.

The school said the student used a cell phone to notify school staff, and the administration notified police.

Belfield said that when the driver arrived back on school grounds, he met with the driver and a police officer. Belfield said the driver was unaware that it is illegal to possess a weapon on school grounds and gave the weapon and concealed carry permit to the law enforcement officer.

It is against New York state law for an individual to have a weapon on school property and the matter has been referred to law enforcement.

According to the school, the driver has been employed with the district since 2011 and was in good standing up until this incident. The driver is no longer working for the district, Belfield said.

Due to student and staff privacy rights, the district is unable to offer any additional information or details related to this issue, Belfield added.

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