Support for moms on National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

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August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, and this week is World Breastfeeding week.

Several hospitals in our area, like Crouse Hospital, St. Joseph's Health Hospital and Upstate Hospital offers resource centers with access to support groups, lactation consultants and more.

St. Joseph's Health Hospital is the only World Health Organization certified baby-friendly hospital in Central New York.

We sat down with clinical specialists from St. Joseph's Health Hospital who are reminding moms of the benefits and the difficulties of breastfeeding by offering support.

Over the last year they have been focusing on showing the importance of breastfeeding at home and opening up special places for moms to breastfeed.

New studies conducted nationwide and specifically in Upstate NY found that fewer women are breastfeeding because of concerns regarding privacy and safety.

Also some moms feel a lack of comfort and limited access to breastfeeding facilities.

That's why St. Joseph's Health Hospital says support for new moms is critical.

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Heather Shimer, said being a first time mom is definitely a special moment but it can also have it's challenges. Breastfeeding is natural but its not always easy.

"Sometimes you feel like you’re all by her self and the only problem is yours , when you go to the support group, you go 'Oh you had that problem too,' so it helps to bounce off ideas of everybody and the people that have breast-fed longer can I have some tend to have some good anecdotal kind of tricks of the trade tricks of the trade," Shimer added.

They hope to encourage moms to lean on other moms, medical professionals and family members for help.

She also says choosing to breastfeed your baby is one way to cut back on child obesity. It sets a healthy behavior to eat smaller amounts more frequently to avoid sugar level spikes.

"Breast milk is made for the specific baby and it varies from age of the baby, from day to day as the baby gets older, if babies are ill their mother's body will make anti-bodies to help that baby be better, Marla Elliot, Breastfeeding Educator, explained.

There are 20 breastfeeding rooms and pods across the city of Syracuse -- including a one that recently popped up at Destiny USA.

A way to help moms to have more privacy and feel more comfortable while out in public.

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