Suspected I-81 trooper killer blames 'time warp'

Reporters looked on puzzled as the man who State Police say killed one of their own troopers Thursday gave a rambling statement after his court apperance.

"I was two miles from the Connecticut border, all of a sudden I'm in New York and this cop got killed and I don't know how it happened," Upton said. As he was walking in handcuffs, escorted by two troopers he went on to say, "It had to be a time warp. I have proof in Connecticut. The time warp or something had to happen. Believe me."

Upton, of Melrose, Florida is charged with first degree murder. Police say he was found in woods, not far from the crime scene on Interstate 81 outside Binghamton. He was naked, police say. The resulting crash killed Trooper Christopher Skinner, 42, instantly police say.

Investigators said it did not appear Upton was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Upton does have a prior DWI conviction in Florida from 2008.

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