SUV driven by man charged with murder in deadly crash was owned by Bill Rapp dealership

The SUV involved in a crash that claimed three lives was owned by a Syracuse dealership, CNYCentral has learned.

The vehicle driven by a man facing three murder charges for a deadly crash on Onondaga Hill last month was owned by the Bill Rapp car dealership in Syracuse, CNYCentral has learned.

Dealership general manager Brian Rapp said the vehicle, a GMC Acadia SUV, was on an extended test drive when it crashed into a Chevrolet Impala in the early morning hours of February 23, killing all three people inside.

Investigators identified the driver of the SUV as Anthony Saccone, 30. He faces three murder charges for the deaths of 20-year-old Samra Osmanovic, 19-year-old Baylie Rose, and 18-year-old Michael Walker.

Rapp said Saccone and his wife were testing the Acadia to potentially purchase it from the dealership, something Rapp said is common practice. Rapp wasn't sure how long Saccone was driving the vehicle before the deadly crash.

"It’s an unfortunate accident obviously," Rapp said in an exclusive statement to CNYCentral. "It’s now in the hands of the district attorney and the insurance company is handling it."

A grand jury indicted Saccone on three counts of murder for the crash earlier this week. Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick told the court Saccone was drinking and using cocaine between 7 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. on the morning the crash occurred.

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Court documents allege Saccone was driving the GMC Acadia at a speed of 86 mph, more than 50 mph over the speed limit, when he ran through a red light on Onondaga Boulevard and struck the victim's vehicle. Saccone then fled the scene of the crash and hid at his mother's house, according to the court documents. He was found shortly after and taken into custody, authorities said.

Osmanovic, Rose, and Walker were all current or former students at Onondaga County Community College and also had ties to the North Syracuse Central School District. Authorities said they were killed instantly in the crash.

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