Syracuse a sea of green for St. Patrick's parade

It was a sea of green in downtown Syracuse Saturday.

Thousands of people came to the annual St. Patrick's parade as it made it's way down South Salina Street. The parade had all the staples including Irish stepdancers and bag pipes. The parade brings out many different groups. Police, firefighters, politicians and community organizations were all represented.

It was a big day for Syracuse Police Captain Richard Walsh who is retiring in a grand way. He served as the parade's grand marshall and was his last day on the job.

"It's a great honor actually, I grew up on Tipperary Hill and have a strong Irish background," Walsh said.

Thousands lined the street to catch this Syracuse favorite. For the second straight year , the parade was in jeopardy because of funding concerns.

"People stepped up that we haven't heard from before, .the Tipp Hill bars got together and really raised a lot of money for us," Parade President Janet Higgins said.

H iggins is already thinking ahead to next year's parade , which will fall on St. Patrick's day. Her team will start look at was to revise the fundraising strategy starting next week.

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