Syracuse AMR hires 37 new staff and 21 new ambulances


SYRACUSE -- American Medical Response (AMR) announced that the company has hired thirty-seven new full-time employees to add to their Syracuse staff over the last year, and some part-time employees.
The company also says they have added twenty-one new ambulances to their fleet, with fifteen new trucks last year and another six in early July 2018

The group says the State of New York and much of the U.S. is facing a shortage in the number of qualified emergency medical professionals on the job.
Because pf this, certified EMT and paramedic professionals are in high demand.

AMR Syracuse says the twenty-one new ambulances are state-of-the-art and each vehicle has the capacity to stock supplies well-above the minimum standards.
The group says the ambulances are also equipped with technology that allows first responders to transmit patient evaluation data directly to a hospital for critical patients -- giving the hospital team more time to review each unique case.

According to AMR, Some additional features of the new ambulances include:

• Multiple safety restraint systems for passengers, including young children
• Trackers that provide the location of all AMR vehicles in real-time to assure safety and response time standards are being met
• Each patient care compartment has a carbon monoxide detector
• All exterior doors have lights on the inside door wall to alert cars and pedestrians passing the vehicle
• Howler sirens, which have been proven to have an increased effectiveness when warning drivers that the vehicle is in “emergency mode”
• All air conditioner systems have HEPA filters installed, aiding in the care of patients with allergies

American Medical Response provides emergency transport services to 40 U.S. states and Washington, D.C.

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