Syracuse-based organizers say refunds are on the way for Rochester Wine Festival

Refund Facebook page

After some attendees of the Rochester Wine Festival voiced their frustrations with the event, the Syracuse-based organizers say they will issue a refund.

Festival-goers posted their concerns on social media about the event, which was held Friday night at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

Some claim the event was poorly organized. They said they didn't get what they paid for. Others say they waited in line for over half an hour just to get a sip of wine.

A Facebook group dedicated to getting refunds from the event was established. On Sunday, organizers issued a statement that they will issue refunds to anyone dissatisfied with their experience at the event.

The organizers, The Results Group, is an event planning business in Syracuse.

Frustrated patrons can e-mail their proof of purchase to

Organizers said that in the fifth year of running this event, they've "never encountered" a problem like this before.

"It's on us and we sincerely apologize," the statement reads.

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