Syracuse City Hall applies for grant to prevent falling icicles

With the winter temperatures freezing then warming, ice builds up on buildings and then melts. The icicles forming on the roof of Syracuse City Hall have been a concern.

John Heard has lived in Syracuse his whole life and he walks past the city hall every day on his way to the gym.

"It's pretty scary. You hear large crackling sounds even across the street, it almost sounds like a car crash," Heard said.

He says this year hasn't been as bad as previous years but he still gets nervous walking next to and underneath the building. However, he said the city does a good job of putting up caution tape where the icicles often fall, blocking on that section of the sidewalk.

"When the icicles do eventually do fall, they will fall in an area that won't land on anything, just open sidewalk," Greg Loh said.

Greg Loh is the Director of City Initiatives for Syracuse. He says the grant that the city has applied for will help city hall replace the heat tape on the roof and in drainage areas.

The grant is part of a national program called Save Our Treasures. The matching grant has a total of $250,000 dollars, providing the city half and expecting the city to pay the rest.

"This is a really special building. Anybody who visits this building tells us how impressed they are by what it looks like inside and out and that’s a constant responsibility," Loh said.

John Heard says he thinks it was a smart decision for the city to apply for this grant if it means improving safety in Syracuse.

Director Loh says he expects to hear an answer back in the next few months.

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