Syracuse City School District discusses Columbus Day controversy

columbus statue_frame_1667.png

It's a tug of war between rival views on this country's history.

Should Columbus Day be replaced with 'Indigenous People's Day'?

Supporters say it's a way to recognize the oppression of Native Americans and celebrate their history.

Wednesday night at the Syracuse City School District board meeting, the board decided to revisit the topic in 2018, in order to gain a better understanding from the community.

A growing number of cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Detroit, are doing away with Columbus Day, renaming it 'Indigenous People Day'.

Jonathan Lasala believes it's worth the discussion.

"I don't really see the reason to eliminate a national holiday, although I do understand that point of view. Adding Indigenous People's Day to a national holiday I think is worth a discussion, and I'm all for that," Lasala said.

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