Syracuse city website helps keep track of plowed roads

City of Syracuse

The city has a web page that helps it prepare and respond to snow events. Neighbors can track and report snow that needs to be cleared on streets and sidewalks.

The new page is on the city's website under the "Living" tab. You can also find the site by clicking here.

“People need easily accessible information on the city’s snow clearance process and progress. It’s also important that we all understand our own roles and responsibilities as citizens. All of these factors contribute to everyone’s safety during and after a snow event,” said Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh. “We are constantly evaluating and adjusting our snow operations to decrease the time and increase the quality of our snow clearance. We have more work to do, but this is another step in our continuous effort to improve our snow removal process.”

According to the city, the web page includes a map that provides near real-time updates on plow locations and progress.

There's also information on where neighbors can report concerns including un-shoveled sidewalks and cars that are parked illegally.

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