Syracuse Crunch gives back after government shutdown

Federal employees effected by the government shutdown got one free ticket, plus one to the game tonight.

As fans cheered on the Crunch tonight, some were thrilled by taking a break from the government shutdown.

"I think it would be really tough to be a family and not have any income coming in. I don't think enough people have money saved up to function without the paycheck," Jody Sima said.

"First thing you think about is personally what would happen if I were in that situation if I got a phone call saying hey don't come in or not knowing if the work I just did was going to be paid for," Jim Sarosy said.

The Syracuse Crunch wanted to give back to their community and to those families who are effected by the shutdown. Federal employees were able to attend tonight's game against the Cleveland Monsters with a free tickets.

Employees could call during the week to get tickets ahead of time and all they had to do was show a federal ID at the box office. Tickets were for the work, plus one. Chief operating officer, Jim Sarosy said it was a way to give them one stress free night.

"just have folks come here and forget about things for a bit cause I can only imagine what they must be going through, individuals and families having something like that happen," Sarosy said.

Sarosy said it was rewarding hearing families thank them for the tickets.

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