Syracuse dog owner pleading for the safe return of her peekapoo

Syracuse dog owner pleading for the safe return of her peekapoo

A Syracuse woman is heartbroken, devastated over the possible abduction of her dog right outside her own home.

"They didn't even stop to look around or anything, they literally put her in the car and drove off," Kimberly White said.

White is pleading for the person who is driving a white car seen in a surveillance video, taken in front of her home, to bring back her peekapoo, Sandy.

"Me and my husband met in 2007, and we got her recently after, so it's like our kid, we don't have kids combined. I'm sorry, but she's become a part of our family," she added.

It happened Wednesday just after 7:00 p.m. on Garfield Avenue in Syracuse. A family member let White's three dogs out through a side door into a fenced yard.

White said the neighborhood fireworks sacred Sandy, and because of it, she thinks the dog crawled out through a space in the gate.

The entire incident happened in less than a minute.

“I don’t know if whoever found is going to abuse her, and I’m sure she’s sad because I have other dogs and she’s never been away from them," White said.

White and others immediately started searching for the dog. One neighbor who saw the incident said the vehicle had Virginia plates.

White said she was up all night worried about her dog.

"Please bring her back. My grandson is attached, my kids are attached, we're obviously attached. We just want her home," White said.

To help bring Sandy home, White is offering a reward for her safe return.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Syracuse police.

You can also contact CNYCentral to reach Kimberly.

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