Syracuse drivers say sidewalk snow removal will create safer roads


Just as drivers fill up busy streets so do people walking the sidewalk. When the snow builds up on walkways, some pedestrians head to plowed roads to get around.

"It makes it dangerous it really does," said John Woodruff. "People walk and get's bad."

The company close to making a deal with the City of Syracuse to clear 40 miles of sidewalks this winter has backed out, further delaying the mayor's proposed pilot program.

In mid-December, Mayor Ben Walsh put in a request for legislation to authorize B and T Landscaping & Lawn Care in North Syracuse to clear snow, but in a Facebook post Tuesday, the company announced they couldn't come to an agreement.

"We will not be doing the sidewalks for the city of Syracuse. We could not come to agreeable terms and have decided to not proceed with negotiations." Still, some drivers say its better let than never to get a deal in place this winter.

"They have to try and hurry it up yeah," said Erica Rodriguez. "It can be very dangerous for a lot of people. There is too much traffic."

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