Syracuse Dunkin' customers outraged at video showing worker tossing water on homeless man

Dunkin' Donuts on N. Salina Street (CNYCentral Photo)

There were a lot of angry and outraged customers at a Syracuse Dunkin' Donuts on Monday after a video surfaced online showing an employee throwing water on a homeless man.

One customer said she will no longer be a regular customer of the franchise.

"I will occasionally stop for an ice coffee in the summer, but it's not that important to me anymore," one customer said.

The company told CNYCentral on Monday evening that the employees involved in the video have been fired and that an investigation is ongoing, but several drivers passed by the N. Salina Street location throughout the day and yelled out their window one calling the employees in the video "horrible people."

"I don't like that. Cause if they feel, like, they didn't want him inside, they could have just said that," one customer said.

The video briefly sparked protests at the Dunkin' Donuts on Monday morning, some demanding the employees be fired and others asking for just an apology.

Chris Donaldson grabs a drink or food at Dunkin' nearly every day, but his Monday visit wasn't just about his cup of Joe. He was angry.

"I just want to know what makes him think that he's better than that guy," Donaldson said. "Just because he stopped to take a nap. I've gone to Dunkin' Donuts and fallen asleep before and I own a business here in the city."

One customer said the employees need more training .

There was a lot of support for the homeless man in the video throughout the day, including a GoFundMe page which has raised over $1,500. One business manager told CNYCentral to tell the victim that he would give him a job if he needs one.

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