Pushing for probation monitoring reform following Cook and Renz case

BILL CREG_frame_1984.png

Bill Cregg was shaken and memories of the David Renz case surfaced upon hearing the news that Ronald Cook, a convicted rapist, was on the loose after escaping from his ankle monitor.

“Here we are over four years later and we have another sexual predator in our backyard loose that we cannot find because of an electronic monitoring device," Bill Cregg said.

It is extremely personal for Cregg.

In 2013, he went to pick up a couple lottery tickets, taking a different way than usual.

That is when he saw Lori Bresnahan's car.

Bill did not know it, but he had come upon a horrific scene.

David Renz had just stabbed Lori Bresnahan to death and raped a 10-year-old girl.

It happened after Renz removed his monitoring device.

“This monitoring system is flawed. It’s flawed in many different ways. It’s flawed from the electronic monitoring services that they use. It’s flawed to the fact that probation doesn’t have the resources to go ahead and monitor these violent felons," Cregg said.

It came out later that the Federal Probation Office in Syracuse had ignored several warnings that Renz was tampering with the device.

At that time, the office said probation officers were retrained and oversight policies had changed.

However, Cregg said it is not enough.

“Sexual predators repeat these crimes over and over again. So, what good is putting an electronic monitoring device on these individuals? Just so we can know where they were when they did these crimes. It’s not a good option for those folks," Cregg said.

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