Syracuse Mayor-elect Walsh talks about getting ready to take office

Mayor-to-be Ben Walsh on getting ready to move into Syracuse City Hall. What he had to say, Saturday morning on Weekend Today in CNY

Mayor-elect Ben Walsh joined us on Weekend Today in Central NY on Saturday morning, to talk about how he's getting ready to take office next month.

He tells us he plans announcements on major appointments next week, and will be announcing plans for his 'public' inauguration ceremony soon, as well. (He will be sworn in, in a private ceremony before New Year's Day so he is 'official' but is planning a larger public ceremony.)

The mayor-elect says he has a committee of three screening job applications for expected openings in city jobs.

When asked about crime, Mr. Walsh told us he wants to get a new Syracuse Police Academy class going, as soon as possible. He also talked about other priorities.

The mayor-elect was voted in as an independent. He says his transition committee reflects that, and he intends to draw from the city's diversity in his new administration.

We also asked how his children are handling the transition to first family. He points out he has had the experience (as the son and grandson of public servants), but watching his children's reactions is a priority.

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