Syracuse mother charged with infant death

Syracuse mother charged with infant death

A woman with ties to Central New York is accused of strangling her four-month-old daughter in July.

"A completely defenseless victim we have here, and this is certainly one of the most heinous crimes we come across in law enforcement," the Lancaster district attorney's spokesman Brett Hambright said.

Hambright says they believe 23-year-old Candace Parrow was home alone with her daughter.

Police responded to a call that the infant was unconscious.

"She said she put down the child late in the evening, went away for 10 or 15 minutes to wash the dishes, and returned to find the child unresponsive," Hambright said.

Police say the dishes were dirty, and the sink was dry.

"Upon arrival, she was very distraught, made statements to the effect of 'I'm going to be blamed for this again," Hambright said.

CNYCentral has learned Parrow's son D'yante Gillette died in October 2016 in Syracuse. He was 11-weeks old at the time.

Pennsylvania authorities say Parrow told police in Syracuse a similar story about setting that child down.

A relative found the boy unresponsive. His cause of death was undetermined.

Onondaga County Assistant District Attorney Rick Trunfio reviewed the 2016 case this week.

"Our review of it indicates there was nothing that we missed the first time around," Trunfio said.

He understands why those who know of both deaths are asking questions following Parrow's arrest.

"Things posted on social media are not evidence. People's emotions are not evidence," he said.

Trunfio adds the medical examiner's report shows the boy may have died from a tumor in the adrenal gland or sleeping in inappropriate bedding.

"Scientifically and medically they can't pinpoint what the cause of death was," he said.

Parrow pled not guilty and is due back in court later this month.

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