Syracuse Neighborhood Watch plans to increase social media outreach

Syracuse Neighborhood Watch says it wants to make city residents 'not alarmed, but alert'--and there's an action plan

The City of Syracuse has a new Neighborhood Watch Program Coordinator, with plans to upgrade the network aimed at keeping residents save and informed.

'Not alarmed, but alert' is the way Tony Borelli describes his concept of the Watch participants. There are 85 Neighborhood Watches in Syracuse, and Borelli wants to see members more linked. Not in the 'old fashioned' go out and walk around the neighborhood way, but via email and social media.

Borelli says the Neighborhood Watch website will be updated shortly. And, based on his background as the longtime volunteer head of Greater Sedgwick Neighborhood Watch, he plans to get other groups on email trees for alerts and advisories.

These tips for everyone on summertime crime prevention:~Keep your house safe, while away on vacation. Make sure the lawn is mowed, newspapers picked up, first floor windows locked closed, and curtains closed so people cannot see in.~Most crimes are committed by 'opportunists'---make sure doors are locked, and there's no easy access (gaps in fences, etc) to your property.~Keep valuables out of sight in cars, and keep cars locked. Don't leave an incentive for a would-be thief to smash a window and grab.

Borelli says there's a 'welcome packet' for anyone interested in being part of Syracuse Neighborhood watch.Check in on the website (above) or call 448-8762.

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