Syracuse Parks ready to embrace Winter

Syracuse Parks will introduce a new Bunny Hill for sledding at Sunnycrest Park, but must wait til there's enough snow. Other winter programs are underway, snow or not.

Snow or not, Syracuse Parks has lots of winter programs, though one of the new ones will have to wait til we get measurable snow.

Syracuse Parks Commissioner Julie LaFave says the Bunny Hill is at Sunnycrest Park, designed for families with young children. The 'Big Hill' is at Burnet Park. Both Parks have ski lodges which will be open for warming, and snowshoe rentals. At Sunnycrest, there's also cross country skiing, with ski rentals as well as an adaptive sled designed to be used on ski trails.

Ice Skating goes on, snow or not at Clinton Square, where it's free on Wednesday evenings. Commissioner LaFave says the City Tree will be up several more weeks, because a lot of people like to skate under it.
In addition, there's indoor skating at Sunnycrest and Meachem Rinks.

Schedules, fees and numbers to call for more information are on the website

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