Syracuse Sam's Club closing on Jan. 26; 151 jobs will be affected

The Sam's Club in Syracuse is one of several that are abruptly closing their doors this month.

The Sam's Club in Syracuse is one of several nationwide that are abruptly closing their doors this month.

Director of City Initiatives for Syracuse Greg Loh confirmed Thursday the city had received notice from the company indicating its intention to close the store on Erie Boulevard East to the public on January 26.

The notice sent to the city indicates 151 employees at the store are impacted. Employees were sent notifications in the mail informing them that all hourly employees would be terminated effective April 13; management positions will be terminated on May 11, the notice said.

"We suspect the employment separations to be permanent," the company's notice to the city says. It adds, "However, all separated employees have the opportunity to apply for open positions at other Sam's Club or Walmart facilities."

The Syracuse store was closed without warning Thursday. Signs posted on the locked door indicated the store would reopen Friday; they also directed people who receive prescriptions at the store to area Walmart locations.

The Syracuse Sam's Club has also been removed from the company's website. A search for locations in the Syracuse area yields no results.

“Transforming our business means managing our real estate portfolio and Walmart needs a strong fleet of Sam’s Clubs that are fit for the future,” said John Furner, president and CEO of Sam’s Club in a statement Thursday night. “We know this is difficult news for our associates and we are working to place as many of them as possible at nearby locations. Our focus today has been on those associates and their communities, and communicating with them.”

A number of media outlets have reported impending closings across the country. According to our sister station WHAM13 in Rochester, the company also plans to close its Rochester-area locations by the end of the month.

All told, the company says 63 locations will close nationwide.

News of the closures come on the same day Walmart (Sam's Club's parent company) announced it would increase base pay for hourly workers to $11 per hour and give bonuses ranging from $200 to $1,000 for employees not receiving a raise.

Asked about the closures at the daily White House press briefing, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders answered that she had no comment before swiveling back to the Walmart raises.

"I don't have any comment on that specific component," Sanders said. "We are very excited about the raises ... Walmart is the largest employer in the country, and to see them make that kind of effort ... is a big deal."

Business Insider's partially complete list of impacted locations can be found here.

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