Syracuse starting to act on filling potholes on city streets

Crews repairing potholes in Syracuse (CNYCentral Photo)

The amount of snow this winter is leaving behind a major problem for your tires — streets filled with potholes.

They're a nuisance for drivers and a big headache for road crews that have to patch them up.

Crews took advantage of the warmer weather and were out in Syracuse on Monday to patch some of them up.

Over 10,000 potholes were repaired last year, according to Datacuse. And this year, the city is asking to report any potholes causing a problem in your neighborhood.

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh said the potholes are those typical quality-of-life issues that impact people everyday, and now the city is taking action to fix these problems.

Throughout the weekend, the mayor spent time driving around Syracuse taking notes on potholes, and eventually telling the DPW which areas are being affected the most. Walsh said this is not an over night fix and that the city will be looking at ways to put this process in place.

There is short term fixes to potholes and road issues and there’s long term fixes. The short term fix consists of filling those potholes in Syracuse and the long term issues are total road reconstruction.

"The DPW has a rating system where they rate the conditions of the roads and that informs our road reconstruction process so we’re going through that process right now identifying the roads that will be reconstructed this year," Walsh said.

Walsh is encouraging people to call the city if they do see any potholes throughout their area. He says you can also voice your concern on the city’s website. The city says they are committed to addressing the problem as fast as they can

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