Syracuse woman delivers baby on her couch

SYRACUSE – Almira Jusic’s due date wasn’t until February 23 but her baby boy wanted to come earlier. This morning, at the family home in Eastwood, her third child, James Ronald Graham II was delivered on the couch.

“I was just in total shock, it was so fast,” Jusic said of the rapid delivery. “It was less than five minutes between the time I sat on the couch and the time the baby was out,” she added.

Jusic, 24, and her husband were up most of the night because she was in discomfort. Finally, her husband Jordan Graham asked if she felt he should call an ambulance to take them to the hospital. Jusic said yes, and moments later the healthy 8 pound, 10 ounce, 22 inch baby boy arrived.

The parents have two other children who were home at the time. “They slept through it, which is amazing,” Jusic said. Her pregnancy was typical except for the unplanned at-home delivery. Mom and baby are being cared for at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse.

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