Syracuse's South Salina Street looking at 2 development projects

Vendors took over a South Salina Street parking lot for a pop-up food market Tuesday afternoon. A Food Hall (think large food court!) will be built on this site, to open in 2020. AND more development is planned on South Salina St. (Mary Kielar photo)

In downtown Syracuse on Tuesday afternoon, a pop-up food fair. The event was part of 'Tasty Tuesday,' which is part of the Syracuse Downtown Committee's Employee Appreciation Week, but it was about more than $1 food samples:
This is the site of a public market and food hall that the Allyn Family Foundation is building. The architectural team iCRAVE wants to engage the Syracuse community to help inform the design, as well as the types of programs and offerings that the community wants to see there, so visitors had the chance to offer ideas. Groundbreaking at 484 South Salina Street is expected in 2019, and the project should open in 2020.

Also coming, an upgrade to the Southeast Gateway to Syracuse. Assemblywoman Pamela Hunter, who represents the city Southside, has been working on this project for three years.f
The South Salina Street corridor, south of downtown, has businesses and help agencies that employ thousand, and thousands more use the corridor as they commute into downtown from the suburbs. Hunter says she's put together a working group of the area's major employers (Upstate Medical, Syracuse Housing Authority, Byrne Dairy, Salvation Army and more) to take a unified approach to development. "We're talking about revitalization," she told us.'Not just putting some paint on a building and saying 'look, our Main Street looks better.'

We'll keep you updated on both projects.

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