GALLERY: Take a look at where Syracuse Mayor-Elect Ben Walsh's inaugural ball will be held

The former newsroom of the Syracuse Post-Standard will be decked out for Mayor-Elect Ben Walsh's Inaugural Ball Saturday, Jan. 27 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. (Dennis Harmon/CNYcentral Photojournalist)

Mayor-Elect Ben Walsh will hold his inaugural ball at the longtime home of the Syracuse Post-Standard, overlooking Clinton Square.

“The former Post-Standard redevelopment is an exciting project and perfect location for the inaugural ball, Jennifer Owens, a co-chair of the Inauguration committee, said. "Guests will get a rare sneak preview of the site, which is so representative of the creative progress that is ahead for the City of Syracuse.”

The building that housed the entirety of the newspaper's operation from 1971-2013, was purchased by Syracuse-based VIP Structures, an architecture, engineering, construction and development expertise firm, in 2017. VIP Structures paid $4 million for the 200,000 plus square foot building, according to Onondaga County property tax data.

"Kind of the next building that needed to be [restored] downtown that is really of a significant size," David Nutting, chairman and CEO of VIP structures, said. "Location is unbelievable, I mean who gets a building like this right off a park?'

Nutting plans to sink an upwards of $20 million into the facility over the next two years. VIP will move its headquarters to the first floor and looks to rent out the second floor to another tenant. The facade will be updated to be more modern, and three additional stories will be added to the existing two, in order to build 79 apartments.

"See if we can start to pull some piece of affordability into downtown," Nutting said. "We would really like to include some 1-bedroom apartments that rent for $950 a month. We hope we can hit that we are trying very, very hard to hit that."

Nutting smiles as he thinks about the future, thrilled that the incoming mayor chose his building.

"The fact that they are going to be here, and kind of get to see a before picture before this is all redone, is fantastic," Nutting said. "Everyone will get to see the building in its raw fashion...there is plenty of's going to be a great economic driver in downtown Syracuse."

Nutting hopes to have the project complete in late 2019.

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