Taxi driver recalls moments before shooting in Waterloo

Taxi driver recalls moments before shooting in Waterloo

In the earliest moments of the investigation, police already had identified a critical witness.

Now a driver with All the Way Taxi Service told his boss about the troubling conversation he overheard as he took two women home from the Lizard Lounge.

"On the way I guess one of the women was talking about how her ex-boyfriend was out to kill her," Ronald Anderson said.

Anderson said one of his drivers takes the women home from the bar twice a week. The driver later told Anderson one of the women had a order of protection against her ex-boyfriend.

"When he pulled into the driveway and let the ladies out he got to the door and the guy jumped out of the bushes waved to my driver," Anderson said.

"He seen the guy come out of the buses with a gun I believe he had it on his side as he was going up the stairs to the apartment," Anderson said.

That's when the taxi driver had an uneasy feeling, immediately calling the dispatcher for help.

"Turned around and the driver immediately called my wife which was the dispatch and she called 911 as he was pulling out of the driveway," Anderson said.

Anderson said his wife knows the two women well and she's still shaken up. It is a feeling shared by the rest of the waterloo community.

"I was shocked first and things like this don't happen here," Mayor Ted Young said.

Waterloo Mayor Ted Young says the village is a quiet community of 5,000 people. The mayor said it is a close community where everyone knows everyone.

"To have something this tragic happen when the names are released of the people that are involved I'm going to know some of these people," Mayor Young said.

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