Teaching parents about 'hidden mischief'

Homer mock bedroom.png

The message Wednesday night, your kid’s bedroom could be the key to finding out if they may be using drugs or not.

In a mock bedroom at Homer High School was used to teach parents what to look for.

They had 54 objects set up in the room, many of them have special hidden compartments that can be used to stash things like drugs.

As shown in the video, they have books set up but the dictionary isn’t a normal dictionary. When opened there is a safety box inside where teens can hide anything.

Other objects include things like a hairbrush that has a secret gap where drugs can be hidden.

Hidden compartment objects are gaining popularity amongst young people and can be easily purchased on the internet or even in shops in Central New York.

"Today's society in culture in advertising things are disguised more and more every day, and it becomes harder and harder for parents,” Superintendent Nancy Russo said

"Pay attention it sounds kind of difficult sometimes but part of it is education we know that parents can't pay attention if we don't know what they're looking for,” Cortland Prevention Resource Leaser Linnay Harmer said.

Parents were able to go to the demonstration and learn what to look for.

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