Tear it Down or Fix it Up? The 1850 House in Oswego

The 1850 House was a popular Italian restaurant in Oswego from 1976-2006. (Brett Hall/CNYCentral)

It used to be "the place" to go for special occasions, antique shopping or simply a good meal in the Port City, but soon the owners of the former Crisafulli's 1850 House Restaurant & Antiques could face legal troubles over the building's condition.

The property sits on the corner of Bridge Street and E. 4th and has a total assessed value of $85,000 according to online tax records. Two row homes and a patio make the complex, with the buildings dating back to the 1880s. The restaurant and antique shop was opened from 1976 to 2006, the building has been vacant since then.

"In the last, probably 6 to 8 months we've received numerous complaints on the condition of the property," said Susan G. Deary, Code Enforcement Director for the City of Oswego. "What was once a very lovely little restaurant is now one of the eyesores of our beautiful city."

Code violations obtained by CNYCentral through a Freedom of Information Law request cite 17 different violations on the buildings. The list of problems range from having hazardous exposed electric wires to decaying bricks in the chimneys.

"This property is not in threat of imminent collapse," said Deary, "if it were you would see unsafe structure signs on the buildings...that being said this property is not in compliance."

Mayor William Barlow's administration has publicly announced its commitment to strict code enforcement. A letter, dated April 17th, 2017, is addressed to Creative Development of Oswego, Inc. (property owners) and demands compliance on the violations by May 17th.

If the City of Oswego's deadline isn't met, legal consequences could follow.

Multiple calls were made attempting to speak with building owners about the property's future, none were returned.

The building will likely continue to stand due to a historical marking, issued by the Heritage Foundation of Oswego in 2000, that prevents spontaneous construction.

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