Thaw efforts begin on Lake Ontario camp encased in ice

Family and friends help thaw ice encased camp (Photo: Maureen Whelan)

The process to thaw a camp encased in ice in Ramona Beach has begun.

According to the camp owner, Maureen Whelan, family and friends brought heaters, torches, chain saws, and other tools to help rid the house of the thick ice that blanketed it. They also dug trenches around the home to help divert the water away from the camp.

Ramona Beach sits along the Lake Ontario shoreline in Oswego County. In February, strong gusts of wind swept water from the lake onto the shore, coating Whelan's camp. The wind, paired with below freezing temperatures caused the water to freeze over, trapping the camp in a thick cocoon of ice.

Whelan said with the help of family and friends, they were able to clear the windows of ice, but that there is still much to do saying the efforts "did not make a dent." She said they are hoping the ice thaws slowly and that she will return to the camp as needed to maintain it.

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